What’s Coming from Natural News in 2018 (Video)

Friday, December 29, 2017 by

Here’s what’s coming from Natural News in 2018, including details about a significant expansion to our medical science research team.

Podcast Transcript: “Oh boy, we have some surprises for you in 2018. So, much good stuff happening. Quick update for you for Natural News fans. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but we have been citing a lot more academic science journal and medical journal resources in the stories that you see on Natural News. It’s about half of the stories now are citing a direct science source; whereas we used to do a lot of stories that were citing other sources that cited science sources. In other words, it was kind of a secondhand story. For example, we cited science daily quite a bit. Science Daily cites the science journals, but now we are doing a lot more stories where we are citing the science journals directly, by passing, in essence, the middleman sites like Science Daily. Nothing wrong with Science Daily, it’s just that we find that – well let me say it this way – we made a big investment in a lot of new staff, researchers writers and editors to focus on the emerging medicine and science information coming right out of the universities, the medical journals and so on. We have over 1,300 sources now that we monitor daily for breaking information. You might think, “Well, why are you a site that focuses on natural health, nutrition, holistic healing and all these things? What does that have to do with science journals and medical journals?” Well, if you ask that question, honestly, it means that you may not know that the science journals and medical journals are full of evidence supporting holistic health. See that’s the shocking thing. A lot of people don’t realize that the evidence is strongly in favor of even acupuncture, medicinal herbs, nutritional interventions, disease prevention, sunlight, vitamin D, time in nature, stress reduction, mind-body medicine, yoga… all these things. The evidence is incredibly strong for all of these holistic therapy modalities. It’s just that most of the mainstream media doesn’t cover it, because they’re funded by Big Pharma and they’re funded by the junk food companies…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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