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This black minister is more courageous in speaking out against vaccines than nearly all white ministers combined

Monday, April 17, 2017 by

Rev. Tony Muhammad dares to speak out against vaccines, and how the government routinely targets the African American community for forced vaccination. But why do white ministers/priests/pastors/reverends not follow his lead? Even the pharmaceutical giants look at the African American community as a “test bed” for their medical experiments and medical violence.

The Health Ranger commends Rev. Muhammad for his courage to speak about the atrocities committed by the government and the pharmaceutical manufacturers against the Black community. His stance on basic human rights by opposing vaccine violence against African American children is something to applaud.

It is only one of the many insults in the long history of Black people in the United States being abused and exploited by the medical corporations and experimentation systems. Rev. Muhammad has had enough and he dares to stand up and say what needs to be said. He articulates this with utmost authenticity and compassion.

The Health Ranger reminds his listeners about the arrests carried out by the Nigerian government to the CEOs of Pfizer, after they found out that Nigerian children were being used for experimentation, with some having died in the process. Why are people not hearing about this? Because the lying mainstream media do not say anything about it. It is a grand ploy of the government and the vaccine industry to employ mainstream media and cover up what’s really happening within the vaccine enterprise.

But people like Mike Adams report about these events so that people will know the ugly truth about the evil vaccine corporations. It is totally devastating for the African American communities across the United States to learn about this. But thanks to men like Rev. Muhammad, they are now aware how the vaccine industry truly operates.

Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) is the genius behind Cesium Eliminator; a lifesaving formula that could save millions of lives following a nuclear fallout. He publicly donated the licensing and manufacturing rights of this formula to any governments that care for their citizens. Cesium Eliminator gets rid of cesium-137 and radio isotopes from the body. The Health Ranger is also the lab science director of an analytical laboratory that accredited by the ISO. It has tested more than 600 products that can now be seen on He is also a recipient of multiple awards for his excellence in investigative science journalism. The Health Ranger is also the author of the number one bestselling science book on called Food Forensics.

Adams understands the frustration of these people. He empathizes with Tony Muhammad for his humanity, dignity, and voice for anyone regardless of race. He wishes he could say the same for white leaders of churches, but they are all tongue-tied about this matter.

The man speaks the truth and he deserves recognition for it,” says the Health Ranger. He validates Tony Muhammad’s crusade against the vaccine industry and adds his “power” to Muhammad’s words by speaking the truth at great costs and risks.

Adams brands the sinister vaccine industry as the latest example of a corrupt criminal and racist medical system that has been the cause of the pain, suffering, and death of African Americans throughout the United States’ history. Tony Muhammad and Mike Adams are now fighting the same fight, and it is for the protection of life, prevention of human suffering, and the exposure of truth about vaccines.

One day, children, regardless of race and religion, will be safe from the evil vaccine industry that causes misery beyond imagination. It must be stopped, and it should start with the words and actions of people like Tony Muhammad to demand changes, denounce evil, and expose the truth.



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