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Doctors who blindly push vaccines without asking what’s in them only DISCREDIT real science, warns science pioneer Mike Adams

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 by

The truth about vaccines is now known, but scientific institutions still operate under their delusions and self-imposed denial that these “medicines” are “safe.” These doctors advocate deadly vaccines without knowing what is in them (or, if they do know, they simply don’t care). These “health professionals” who support the use of vaccines without knowing what is in them discredit real scientists.

Science innovator Mike Adams warns that public trust in science is collapsing; and it is the fault of “scientific” institutions that have abandoned real science in favor of politicized “facts”. The Health Ranger reports that the trust in science is collapsing in the same way the trust in news has collapsed. More people are understanding that mainstream media is fake.

Mike Adams is the man who exposed the “stranger fibers” found in Chicken McNuggets. He blew the lid on fake academic credentials of so-called health gurus, the California raw milk raids, and the fake acai berry scams, among other things. The Health Ranger has more than 600 products for health and wellness, which can be found on The Health Ranger lab has exposed various food anomalies such as rice protein products imported from Asia being contaminated with toxic heavy metals. The Health Ranger is one of the most significant voices on major issues such as GMOs, vaccines, and human consciousness. He is also a successful musician with over fifteen popular songs about activism under his name.

Toxic ingredients found in vaccines such as mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde damage the brain. As a result, there are children suffering from paralysis, seizure, autism and other permanent damage. Vaccines are dangerous. So why do most scientific institutions support them? Because of money. They are in it together for the ridiculous amount of profits they can generate as long as they worship the vaccine industry.

However, science (as we know it) may not recover from the hit that is coming. People are now aware of the dangers vaccines have among children. Parents will not be forced to have their children vaccinated because they know the threat these toxic substances can bring. The truth hurts, and it will hurt the vaccine industry the most. The vaccine industry is on a campaign to deny anything linking their products to numerous damages among people. In fact, the number of children harmed by these vaccines is in the millions throughout the world.

The Health Ranger believes that the truth is rapidly approaching. He also thinks it is tied to the financial collapse of the United States federal government. When the government is “decentralized”, the vaccine industry conspirators who covered the whole thing up will be indicted or imprisoned. Or, at the very least, they must admit their atrocities and devilish schemes that brought harm to millions of children around the world.

The world will know how evil the vaccine industry truly is. And that day will definitely come. The Health Ranger even suggests to hold “Nuremberg trials” for the vaccine industry’s crimes against humanity that have been carried out for the sake of profit.



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