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CNN, the collapse of bulls##t and how Trump can de-fund the entire establishment media with the single stroke of a pen

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 by

You are now living in one of the most fascinating eras of human history: The collapse of bulls##t.

The world of “complete bulls##t” — often filled with descriptions of progressive “equality” and fabricated Russian collusion “spy fiction” articles from the fakestream media — is thankfully unraveling by the day. The reason this has taken so long is because the bulls##t artists of the media — CNN, Washington Post, NYT, MSNBC, NPR, etc. — have had control over every narrative and every set of “facts” for as long as you and I have been alive…

… until now, that is.

Now, the decentralized, independent media is exposing the complete bulls##t of the fake news “mainstream” media. This is being done by individual citizens with tiny budgets but huge dedication to the truth. I’m talking about people like James O’Keefe of Project Veritas who just exposed CNN’s fake news bulls##tter Van Jones for being a despicable liar and two-faced idiot:

In just the last 72 hours, CNN’s reputation went from a once-trusted news organization to a steaming heap of journo-fiction propaganda poop. Yes, CNN has been totally fabricating its news stories, inventing non-existent sources that magically say whatever the writers want to imagine they said. This isn’t an anomaly, either: It’s CNN’s business model! (And CNN’s own producers and journalists are fully aware they are spewing total bulls##t, as we’ve now learned from undercover videos.)

If the mainstream media were a cancer center, CNN would be the criminal fraudster doctor running around falsely diagnosing healthy people with cancer because that’s their business model for repeat revenues. CNN has zero loyalty to truth, ethics or journalistic integrity. It is a shoddy, fiction-peddling rag run by professional sh#theads who would quite literally rather see America collapse into ruin than give Donald Trump credit for doing anything right. It really is time to blacklist CNN, de-fund the network and reject the Left’s delusional narratives once and for all.

Here’s how to de-fund CNN and most of the fake news media, all at once

President Trump may not be aware of this, but he has the power right now to de-fund almost the entire fake news media with a single signature. The answer lies in the FDA, which “legalized” direct-to-consumer drug advertising in 1997, providing a windfall of Big Pharma ad revenues that have propped up fake news rags like CNN ever since.

Direct-to-consumer drug advertising is illegal almost everywhere else in the world, and it needs to be outlawed in America yet again. With a simple announcement, the FDA could once again decide to outlaw that form of advertising in the United States, immediately denying the establishment media over 50 percent of its revenues. (Big Pharma reportedly provides up to 70% of the revenues for some news organizations.) At the same time, drug advertising serves no real purpose other than to generate more profits for the drug industry. There is no medical justification whatsoever for advertising chemical medications directly to the public. (The practice is highly unethical and rooted in total quackery and deception.)

I explain all this in the following podcast / video, which people in the Trump administration should embrace as a very powerful strategic weapon against the fake news media. President Trump could literally issue an executive order to halt all TV drug ads, and the FDA would have to comply because it’s part of the executive branch.

If you really want to halt CNN’s attempted destruction of America, this is the simplest and easiest way to get it done: Just cut off the network’s pharma revenues (and sock it to the dishonest drug companies at the same time). You’ll save America billions of dollars in health care costs while cutting off CNN (and other fake news networks) at the knees.




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