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WILD FOODS: Muscadine grapes growing like crazy in central Texas (video)

Sunday, July 09, 2017 by

In this short video, the Health Ranger reveals the incredible abundance of muscadine grapes in central Texas, where these powerful, medicinal “superfruits” grow wild near streams. Loaded with potent medicine, muscadine grapes can be harvested by the bucket load and made into jams or even wine.

Central Texas is is a wild foods mecca of sorts, with an abundance of items that can be harvested throughout the year, such as:

  • Acorns and pecans
  • Dew berries (like small black raspberries)
  • Nopal cactus fruit
  • Muscadine grapes
  • Wild onions
  • Yaupon Holly herb for making coffee or tea alternatives
  • Horsetail herb and other medicinal herbs, including yarrow

Watch this short video for a quick look at the muscadine grapes that grow wild all across central Texas. (NOTE: Do not consider moving to central Texas unless you are pro-firearms, pro-liberty and willing to pursue a life of self-reliance and personal responsibility. Otherwise, you will just anger the locals and waste your time.)





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