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Rifle Recommendation and Review from the Health Ranger (Video)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 by

The Health Ranger gives his recommendation for a reliable, high-quality battle rifle for self-defense, community defense and national defense.

Podcast Transcript: “This is a rifle recommendation for those who are new to rifles, and you probably already have a handgun, and you’re looking for a quality reliable survival rifle in the AR style – which is a really small rifle. Did you know the diameter of the bullet is almost the same diameter as a little 22. It says it’s got more kinetic energy behind it, but it’s still a very small bullet. An Ar-15 style rifle doesn’t kick very much at all – very manageable. Lots of women shoot them as well as men – and even teenagers who are maybe trained by their parents in the art of self-defense. So, an AR-15 style rifle is a very manageable rifle. I’m going to recommend a brand here, because I’ve messed with many of these rifles. I own quite a few rifles from different companies and I’ve shot many different rifles from some of my friends and so on who have different brands. I’ve really come to like one brand more than any other brand for a couple of very specific technical reasons that have to do with things that go wrong in a gunfight. And how these technology innovations make this rifle much better…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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